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48 Illinois Nursing Homes Given One-Star Ranking

The federal government ranks nursing homes yearly. The rating system was instituted in order to increase transparency in consumer health care markets. The system was instituted in 2008 and received both positive and negative feedback. Individuals who do not support the rating system claim the ratings are simplistic and unfair and cite to the fact that the quality of nursing home care can improve rapidly, even over night.

Unfortunately, many of the one-star nursing homes this year have consistently received low rankings since 2008. Furthermore, Illinois has nearly 50 one-star ranked nursing homes. Even more surprisingly, for-profit nursing homes take the largest percentage of one-star homes.

Problems that can drop nursing home ratings include consistently dirty equipment and linens, mistreatment, and unlicensed caregivers or specialists.

The quality of nursing home care varies significantly from home to home. It is important to review all the nursing home options in your area before choosing one. One of the best ways to get a realistic look at a nursing home is to search newspaper and internet articles. Furthermore, nursing homes are constantly ranked both by federal, state, and local entities which provide for an un-biased, fair representation of the home. Finally, take a tour of the facility and meet with staff and caregivers. Be sure that you or your loved one will receive the proper care.

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