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Chicagoland Nursing Home Issued 8 Citations by Public Health Agency

The Illinois Department of Public Health has issued one Belleville, Illinois nursing home eight citations. The citations came after a 77-year-old resident with dementia and heart disease wandered away and was later found dead of hypothermia.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the same patient had wandered from the nursing home on two prior occasions. According to a state report, the patient still was not fitted with a patient monitoring device.

The nurse in charge of the patient’s care stated that the patient’s care plan was never revised to address his behaviors so she was not aware of his tendency to wander off.

This story is a case of nursing home neglect. The nursing home staff failed to properly document the patient’s behaviors and failed to fit with patient with a monitoring device. In order to provide the fundamental level of care necessary at a nursing home, patients must be monitored closely at all times. It is unclear how this patient was able to leave the home without anyone noticing.

The situation described is very dangerous. Nursing home patients with dementia should be monitored extremely closely. Consequences can be extreme and even deadly.

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