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Elders Struggling with Neglect and Abuse in Care Centers

Raina Hunter shared a story about her grandmother, who she calls “Nana” in ABC’s, The Drum Opinion, and talks about the abuse and neglect her grandmother suffered at a care center in Melbourne.

After Raina’s grandmother fell and fractured her pelvis in two places, she had to spend time in rehabilitation and respite centers to recover. During her time in care, Raina’s grandmother experienced several complications, including the development of cellutitis in her legs, that Raina untimately attributes to neglect. Raina stated that “there is no question in [her] mind that the dangerous cellulitis in her legs would have remained unnoticed by the medical staff charged with looking after her….”

When Raina’s grandmother finally saw a private hospital doctor, the doctor had to hold himself back from swearing when he saw her legs – Raina’s grandmother was ultimately admitted to the hospital where she was placed on an antibiotic drip for two weeks. When she was released, Raina noticed that her legs seemed “redder” than were the previous week. So she asked the workers at the new respite center – the one her grandmother was moved to after suffering neglect at the first one – for advice because there was no doctor or nurse on staff. Raina’s grandmother, again, had to be taken to the hospital, where she was ultimately readmitted, placed back on the antibiotic drip, this time for three weeks. Fortunately for Raina, her grandmother has started to recover and even walk with the aid of others.

Raina’s grandmother’s injuries were exacerbated because of the negligence she suffered at two different care facilities. And while Raina’s grandmother utlimately received the treatment she needed, what if her family had not been around to keep an eye on her treatment? Or as Raina pointed out in her story, what about those elderly people who do not have any family to keep an eye on them? Another frightening prospect is: what if the family of an elder person, whom they suspect is being abused and/or neglected simply does not know what to do? Raina’s grandmother is unfortunately not alone in suffering. There are too many stories of nursing home and/or care center neglect and abuse. Such neglect or abuse often results in serious injury, and even death, to some residents.

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